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Why choose Cultured Canines?

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Cultured Canines strives to make our classes extremely beneficial to our human and canine customers. First and foremost, our goal has always been helping owners live harmoniously with their dogs, not monetary profit.

The fact that we are more focused on helping dogs than making money sets us apart from our competition in many ways.

Our primary competitors pack their classes with close to twenty dogs; our classes have an average of 8 dogs per class.

Regardless of how many trainers are present, having such a large group of dogs in a class creates a very volatile learning environment for them. Dogs are pack animals and will react to the energy of the dogs around them. Eight naughty dogs in a group is a lot easier to manage than twenty.

Our primary competitors charge almost double what we do for our comparable courses. The hourly cost for our COOL course is less than any other dog training course in Calgary.

The biggest benefit to using our services is our drop in classes. No other dog training school in Calgary has this amazing way to further and maintain your dog’s training. After completing our COOL course, you get 10 free drop in lessons. After the 10 lessons are done, drop in classes are only $5 a piece.

With other trainers you either have to pay a hefty yearly club free, a large monthly payment, or continue paying for more levels of training classes if you want to continue your dog’s education.

We want your dog to be as well behaved as possible. Every dog that goes through our class and follows up with the free drop in lessons becomes a living breathing advertisement for our training methods. Most of the people who sign up for our classes were referred by someone who already took a class with us. That’s why we don’t overcharge for the training, especially the learning that takes place after your dog graduates our class!

Before you sign up with another trainer, give us a call and see why we are the most affordable and accommodating dog trainers in Calgary!

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