The C.O.O.L. Course

Cultured Canines’ fantastic reputation for long lasting results comes from this group course.  C.O.O.L. stands for Canine Outdoor Obedience and Lifestyle course!

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are REALLY excited to be getting back to teaching, but these courses will ONLY run if it is safe to do so. Our hope is that we won’t have to postpone these lessons, but please bear in mind that it is contingent on what the recommended guidelines are at the time these courses are set to start.

We are keeping our seminars online and classes outdoors for safety and to maintain proper social distancing protocols. Classes will be slightly modified from our usual format for everyone’s safety. Trainers will wear masks when approaching clients and if you want hands on help with your pooch, we request that you bring a mask. Hand sanitizer will also be used before and after handling client’s dogs.

Typically we only take a $150+gst deposit at the time of registration, and then we collect the remainder during the introductory seminar. We will be hosting the seminar over Zoom, so we are taking the full course fee when you register to limit any close contact. The $150 deposit will still be non-refundable, but the remainder of the balance will be refunded if this course is postponed more than a few weeks. No other refunds will be processed due to the high demand for spots in our classes.

We will also be schedule a curbside leash/collar pick up before the first hands on class and give you a specific time to come. You must pick up your equipment before the course begins otherwise you will be unable to participate and asked to leave.


This is not your ordinary dog training class. This is an entire LIFESTYLE for you and your dog. We will teach you how to incorporate dog training into your everyday life. This class will show you how you can have a good dog, no treats or gimmicks required. You will be given the tools to teach and train your own dog.

Every class is hosted outdoors. Your dog will learn to listen to you in any situation, with multiple distractions. Classes are hosted at dozens of locations such as Marda loop, Olympic Plaza, Stephen Ave, and Eau Claire.

After only five weeks your dog will be able to walk next to you off leash regardless of their current age or behavior.


What you can expect to learn about:

  • How dogs learn naturally
  • Loose leash walking (no more pulling!)
  • Patience training
  • Proper fitting of a leash and collar
  • Hands free walking
  • Dog nutrition
  • Canine developmental cycle
  • Basic commands such as:
    -Let’s go
  • Off leash recall
  • Urban Agility
  • Playing with your dog
  • Dog massage
  • Proper praise and reward
  • Dropped leash walkingIMG_0444
  • Stop
  • Canine body language
  • Proper greetings (human and canine)
  • Mental stimulation for your dog
  • Coyote Safety
  • Hiking with your dog
  • Grooming and massage tips
  • Proper Socialization & Play
  • Crate training/sleeping area
  • Vaccinations
  • Pet insurance advice
  • Street Safety
  • And SO much more!

Class schedule

  • Classes are 7 weeks in length
  • Class meets twice per week
  • Each class is 1.5 hours long

Each course starts with a one and a half hour introductory seminar. There is also a seminar midway through the course that covers canine body language signals and canine aggression!

Class Equipment

  • Martingale Collar
  • 6 foot leash
  • Hands free leash
  • Comfortable shoes, we are always on the move!
  • A good sense of humor
  • A facebook account

Specific issues that are addressed in this course

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Recall
  • Aggression
  • Leash pulling
  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Reactivity
  • Dominance
  • Nipping
  • And more!

Who comes to class?

  • Consistency is extremely important in dog training… So bring the whole human pack!
  • Everyone in your family is welcome and encouraged to come to classes!
  • Friends are welcome to join in on the fun with your dog as well.


Maintaining your dog’s training

  • Once you are done this course you are not done training your dog!
  • This course includes 12 FREE drop in lessons!
  • Additional drop-in classes are only $5 each! Come to as many as you’d like!
  • Drop-in classes are an amazing way to further and maintain your dog’s education… without breaking the bank!



The fine print

  • You must attend at least one drop-in class every 6 months to remain eligible for attending drop ins
  • The twelve free drop ins expire one year after your course finishes
  • You can only drop-in on outdoor C.O.O.L. Course lessons, not Proper Pupper classes or seminars
  • Indoor and Graduate classes are not eligible for free drop ins
  • A facebook account is required to fully participate in this course


You’ll get:

  • Hands Free Leash and collar included ($80 value)
  • Introductory and Canine Communication seminar (4 hours of instruction time)
  • 12 1.5 hr hands on classes
  • 12 1.5 hr drop in classes
  • Total of 26 classes
  • 40 total hours of instruction time
  • Lifelong training support

Please not that the above times only apply to our regular courses. Online/in person fusion courses will have differing lengths for the classes. The content learned will be the exact same though.

The details

  • This course costs $725 + GST
  • Second dog from the same household gets a 50% discount
  • We offer flexible payment plans, please don’t hesitate to inquire about them
  • The introductory seminar is mandatory to attend prior to taking the course



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