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Halloween safety tips


Halloween can be a dangerous and scary night for your dog! Let me help you keep you dog safe and happy!

Before the big day:

Take your dog for an extremely tiring walk the two days before Halloween! Go somewhere totally new. This will make sure they are mentally and physically tired.

Take the embarassing costume photos for facebook. Then get the costumes off ASAP! One of the issues¬† with costumes is that other dogs may misinterpret the dressed up dog’s body language which can cause a dog fight. Another is that they may attempt to get the costume off and inadvertently swallow and/or choke on a part of the costume. And honestly… have you ever seen a dog look HAPPY is a costume? I haven’t..

Before the trick-or-treaters arrive:

Put a note on your doorbell asking people not to ring it.

Consider dropping your dog off at someone’s home who isn’t participating in Halloween.

Get your closest emergency vet’s number and keep in on hand. Put it on the fridge!

Put your dog in a room on their own with music and something to entertain them!


Keep the candy bowl up and away from husbands and dogs. Don’t leave it unattended for even a moment!

Do NOT allow your dog to greet people at the door. DO NOT take your dog trick or treating with you.
The costumes can be quite frightening to your dog. Don’t put your dog in that situation.