The Martingale Collar

We require that every dog in our outdoor lessons be wearing a properly fitted Martingale collar.

Why do we start puppies and adult dogs with this collar? Simple, safety. When sized correctly, dogs cannot slip out of this collar no matter how hard they try. Since our classes are outdoors, we need to put the safety of our client’s first and martingale collars allow us to do that better than any other tool.

Just because there’s a chain on the collar, doesn’t mean it’s cruel! The reason these collars allow us to effectively work with our dogs is because they are actually more comfortable than a regular collar and less restricting than a harness. When sized correctly, the martingale collar actually tightens evenly around the neck instead of tugging directly on their trachea. It is also designed to prevent choking.

Can a martingale collar hurt a dog? Yes of course. You can hurt a dog using ANY tool. A prong collar can be used humanely and a harness can cause a lot of pain. It is how you use a tool that matters! We believe in teaching our clients how to safely use training tools to best communicate with our dogs.

The Cultured Canines Martingale has been tested for strength, durability, and overall safety to ensure your dog is wearing nothing but the best. We do require that dogs be wearing our branded collars with a few exceptions. (Brands such as banded pines, dog dog goose, nearly naked neckwear and silverfoot for example, are allowed. We are happy to take a look at your gear and see if it will work!). We are strict on this rule as most collar companies don’t use chains that are long enough to allow the collar to be sized correctly and comfortably.



The Hands Free Leash

Instead of holding your dog’s leash in your hand, we believe in having your dog’s leash on your waist. This provides you with more control of your dog, and provides leadership and guidance. It is blissful to walk your dog hands free!

After hearing years of complaints about looping 6-foot leashes around the waist, and of other hands free leashes poor quality, Cultured Canines’ founder Beth O’Connor decided to do something about it! After much research and trial and error, we are proud to bring you the exclusive Cultured Canines Hands Free Leash.

Unlike many other hands free leashes on the market, this leash is designed first and foremost with safety and durability in mind. It is made with a strong and durable nylon. The belt and leash are adjustable to allow for all human and dog sizes! We recently added grips to the inside of the belt to prevent it from sliding around. Anyone who has used any other type of hands free leash can easily see the superiority of our leash.